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Say hi to Martin Luther King Jr for me.

January 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Mr. Paul,

You might not live for long, this challenge to evil might kill you. I fear for you, I really do.

More than 100 years of unchecked evil, passing under the noses of dead presidents and kings, even corrupting some of them, these evil grew has so blatant it ripped the fabric of mankind into piece, your skin color has caused more death than any of us, how will you redeem them?

Can the constitution save all of you? The GOP has fallen, so has the Democrats, which one of us is truly equipped to fight these ancient enemies? How long can you hold? Even if you’re elected president? How will the story unfold?

I hope you last enough for the last 2 to appear, if not…

Say hi to Martin Luther King Jr for me.