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bikinitech(1) – mysterious case of 503 and foundry

October 19, 2009 Leave a comment


apparently if you’re using a foundry loadbalancer and you’ve configured healthcheck, and your server farm’s running on a 3-tier web service, with the web server doing mod_rewrite, mod_proxy stuffs, please be absolutely sure that you have your healthcheck file in the target server of the mod_proxy. requests towards the particular webserver will be forwarded to the target server.

if not you’ll keep getting 503 responses, intermittent, and annoying.

this post is too raw to sound smart or even comprehendible, i’ll edit later. more bikinitech to strip.



assuming u are running virtualhosts in your machine, and they are assigned port 80, 81 and 82.

with 80 being the healthcheck port, if 80 fails, u can forget abt 81 and 82 being stable too.

so there is nothing wrong with LB, with apache config, but beware of healthcheck failures, it won’t just fail, it’ll drag down other virtualhosts too.