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N3ws(1) – ahhh bummer

November 23, 2009 Leave a comment

I spent a few minutes thinking about what word to use for the post title, trying to refrain from using straits times and danny choo, but i guess being bad at language, i’ll be using “ahhh bummer” which means what a disappointment.

If you read this post here. You’ll catch a couple of sentences written by Danny Choo about Straits Times distorting his views and whatever he said, that sucks on like 90 levels, lol.

first level, straits times is singapore’s national paper, if assuming DC’s right, that means the ST sucks either on english interpretation, or stupid reporters.  World’s 154th media misquoting civilians? Not often I hope but hardly surprising. I was interviewed by an ST reporter too, 5 paragraphs of what I said and he changed my profession and the number of iphone applications I have. how about that?

multiply that first level by 90 and you get ninety levels of suxx0r.

In any case, i dont trust local papers, trust reduced by 50%.

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