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12GB more

December 13, 2009 Leave a comment

So yeah, SingTel recently had it’s mobile phone data plans increased to 12GB, from 500MB and 1GB. This crazy notion of giving more to customers was due to M1 and Starhub finally selling iPhones and breaking bondages of shitty data plans by offering godlike amounts of data to the market.

About damn time, I’m starting to hate my 1GB.

I liken the increase to the spreading of the legs; a plead for the customer, me, to enter the realm of unhesitated access. No more “what happens if it’s that time of the month?” The time when my vitamin $ is running low, no more disciplined usage, it’s time to access the Cloud with reckless abandonment! The iPhone is a great web device, and 12GB of allowed data is a great reason for me to access the net without reason.

Of course, having more allowed data isn’t the only reason for to start being more open on myself, getting more active on twitter and fb status by posting my thoughts and writing nonsenses, like saying though Jesus saves He doesn’t twitter, unlike Satan, who apparently has alot of accounts linked to him(it’s true, search for Jesus Christ and satan in Twitter, you’ll see the differences). I whore myself more on fb and twit because I feel that I need to get involve with the people around me, and contrary to the standard, proactive, method of chatting with then online, asking how they are, how they get into my msn, posting shit on fb and twit means your doing a “hi I’m actually communicating with you guys by saying things about myself, with little regards of the magnitude of noise I’m producing, whether the twits and statuses are fking annoying to everyone or not” and not only that, opening myself to misjudgements and ridicule.

I’ve done a great job being a hermit, despite being a great person to be with, ok I’m not a good person to be with because I’m dysfunctional, but having even more isolation turns me into freaking North Korea, so by portraying a more open and pseudo-sociable outlook of myself ought to reverse the gears of creepiness that’s running within me.

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6 days have passed

October 27, 2009 Leave a comment

and i’ve not added a new post, that doesn’t mean I’ve done nothing

i’ve :

  1. tried my best to improve on my drawing using wacom graphire, its damn hard
  2. fallen in love with
  3. lost all my 100+ iphone apps, managed to bring them back, fresh, with all my saved games and sms history gone. sigh.
  4. played prototype on ps3. awesome
  5. attended a wedding dinner
  6. did lots of shit at work, i’ve gotten cacti to work with mod_status, but thats not good enough, I should get apache snmp up and running, but that is hellishly harder because that means I need to get DSO and apxs working, only then i can set up apache snmp.Cacti works fine with yum for fedora, but not for RHEL, which means i need to tar.gz until my head explodes and reach Ironforge. which is the lesser evil? truly exciting times we live in.

yoshi more wham bam slam coming up!

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