ahh.. you must be really bored huh..

i graduated from NP with a diploma in IT, and then after a few bumps here and there with NS and whatever, I flew to Perth to do my degree @ Curtin.

It was a double major degree and being in Perth opened my eyes to how much I do not know.

I love doodling, but I never managed to doodle more than the good old right side of a person’s face.

I am absolutely in love with the outer space, so i love pictures of nebulas, hypernovas, Alpha Centurions and pretty much everything spacey.

I like cafe latte.

I’ve started alot of blogs last time, and this is the first time i’ve written a new one in somewhere  around 10yrs.

The last few blogs are all crap.

So what am i planning for this blog?

damn heng to find out that no one had used the word graphicist yet, inspired by the show big bang theory, the word physicist brought me to graphicist.

however I must admit, graphicist is too good a name for this blog, i should work hard, live up to this name.

So yah la, im going to

put my stupid doodles, photos and write about things i do, places I go. Really quite simple. Drawings from a lousy engineer.

I want to live a different lifestyle, no more the “stay home do nothing”, i want to meet new people, i wanna be a people person, i dare.

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