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I hate wakes. I hate funerals.

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment

I hate the fact that my grandma, always applauded as a sweet old lady, never once scold for the right reasons. Now, her children are not smart, not rich, not successful, chao ah bengs and ah sengs who wasted their lives catching fishes in the drains of KL, messed with gangs, women and now looked down upon by their richer and successful peers.

I hate the fact that I have nothing now, nothing to show in Church, nothing to brag at work, nothing to smile at when I look at myself in the mirror. That’s all I am, there is nothing for me, only a state change from a warm body, to a cold lifeless corpse, lying there in a wooden box, seen by tens for a few days and then turn into ashes.

Regrets oh regrets, I have alot of them. And I’m almost 30, what changes can I make? Oh, I really wanna change!!!

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