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6 days have passed

and i’ve not added a new post, that doesn’t mean I’ve done nothing

i’ve :

  1. tried my best to improve on my drawing using wacom graphire, its damn hard
  2. fallen in love with lookbook.nu
  3. lost all my 100+ iphone apps, managed to bring them back, fresh, with all my saved games and sms history gone. sigh.
  4. played prototype on ps3. awesome
  5. attended a wedding dinner
  6. did lots of shit at work, i’ve gotten cacti to work with mod_status, but thats not good enough, I should get apache snmp up and running, but that is hellishly harder because that means I need to get DSO and apxs working, only then i can set up apache snmp.Cacti works fine with yum for fedora, but not for RHEL, which means i need to tar.gz until my head explodes and reach Ironforge. which is the lesser evil? truly exciting times we live in.

yoshi more wham bam slam coming up!

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